M was persecuted in Cameroon for his participation in a student group, which the government...

  • Client Location: Bronx
  • Type of Relief: Asylum in Immigration Court


Facts:  M is a twenty-five-year old young man from Cameroon who fled to the U.S. after being wrongfully detained, beaten and threatened with death.  While in Cameroon, M was a university student who was associated with the student union, which the government perceived as threatening its political power.  M was imprisoned twice by the Cameroonian government and suffered physical beatings, forced labor and death threats.  M fled and obtained a student visa to attend an English Institute at a university in Tennessee.  Unfortunately, M was unable to attend school because he began experiencing complications related to trauma and depression as a result of his experiences in Cameroon.

Legal assessment:  M is eligible for asylum and needs a pro bono volunteer advocate like you to help him fight his case in immigration court.  He has a merits hearing scheduled for November 8, 2021.

M speaks French and English.


  • Convention Against Torture (CAT)
  • Trial
  • Court hearing
  • Case Placement
  • Legal research and writing
  • Immigration court
  • Social Group
  • Withholding of Removal
  • Intermediate
  • Immigration Court
  • Client/witness interviewing
  • Beginner
  • Client advice and counseling
  • Next Case Deadline
  • Estimated Time Commitment (Hours)
    • < 5
    • 5-10
    • 10-20
    • > 20
    • unknown
    • < 5
    • < 10
    • < 20
    • > 20
    • desconocida
  • Mentor Available
  • Free Volunteer Training
  • Organization Provides Malpractice Insurance
  • Case Level / Appropriate For
    Beginner, Principiante
  • Skills Developed
    Client advice and counseling
  • Venue where case will be heard
    Immigration Court (EOIR)
  • Additional Volunteers Needed
    Other: Interpreter