L was persecuted in Honduras for work as a land activist. Help L and her sons seek refuge and...

  • Client Location: Middletown
  • Type of Relief: Asylum in Immigration Court + SIJS for eligible son

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Facts:  L is a 49-year old native of Honduras who fled to the U.S. after threats from multiple parties within the Honduran government as well as local narcotraffickers for her land rights activism on behalf of the Garifuna people, a minority indigenous ethnic group within Honduras.  While in Honduras, L was an activist for OFRANEH, the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras, which works to protect the economic, social and cultural rights of Garifuna communities.  She has been working with the organization for many years and serves in a leadership role, as well as serving as a civil servant for her local municipality.  L participated in activism and advocacy on many levels, including filing complaints regarding land seizures, organizing community members to establish themselves in their land, and recouping lands for members of the organization.  She made complaints to local prosecutors who were not Garifuna.  As a result, the complaints about land seizures were not taken seriously, because Garifuna people in Honduras are treated as second-class citizens.  L was repeatedly threatened with death by the Honduran military, local narcotraffickers, and the cronies of individuals with powerful land interests. Her daughter was attacked in her home by men looking to retaliate against L, and she has received multiple death threats to herself and her family over the years because of her work.

Legal Assessment:  L is eligible for asylum and needs a pro bono volunteer advocate like you to help him fight his case in immigration court.  L also has a son, Z, who is eligible for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), a visa for children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected by a parent.  Z needs a pro bono volunteer advocate to help him and L file for custody/guardianship at the Orange County Family Court and then submit his application for SIJS to USCIS.

L speaks Spanish.


  • Convention Against Torture (CAT)
  • Trial
  • Court hearing
  • Case Placement
  • Legal research and writing
  • Immigration court
  • Social Group
  • Withholding of Removal
  • Intermediate
  • Immigration Court
  • Client/witness interviewing
  • Beginner
  • Client advice and counseling
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  • Free Volunteer Training
  • Organization Provides Malpractice Insurance
  • Case Level / Appropriate For
    Beginner, Principiante
  • Skills Developed
    Client advice and counseling
  • Venue where case will be heard
    Immigration Court (EOIR), USCIS, Orange County Family Court
  • Additional Volunteers Needed
    Other: Interpreter