Help Y find freedom from her abuser and secure safety and stability in the U.S. for her and her...

  • Client Location: Ferndale
  • Type of Relief: U nonimmigrant visa


Facts:  Y is a 30 year old native of Mexico who has lived in the U.S. for thirteen years with her four U.S. citizen children.  Her former partner, D, beat and punched her every time he drank – approximately every 8 days – and started fights and insulted her. One day after their third son was born, D drunkenly threatened Y with a kitchen knife, grabbed Y by the wrist and throat, and punched her, leaving her battered and bruised. Y called the police that night, and they arrested D, who was subsequently removed from the U.S. 

Legal assessment:  Y is eligible for a U nonimmigrant visa, a special visa for individuals who have been victims of crime in the U.S. who assisted law enforcement.  The South Fallsburg Police Department certified Y’s cooperation with them in bringing D to justice, and now Y needs a dedicated attorney like you to help her prepare and file her U visa application so that she can remain safely in the U.S. with her children.

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  • U Visas
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  • Client advice and counseling
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    Client advice and counseling
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